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Lakeside Farmers Market

Come Visit The Big Red Barn!

Here at Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC, we offer our customers local, fresh produce including:

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

All the fruits offered in our farmer’s market are fresh and locally sourced. This includes a large variety of apples, oranges, plums, peaches, berries, watermelons, and grapes. We procure them daily by working closely with orchards and local farmers. Besides, our partnerships with local vegetable growers allow us to carry tomatoes, potatoes, corn, cucumbers, beans, zucchini, squash, and so much more. You can find all the seasonal produce at our place.

Fresh Dairy Produce & Meat

You can also find fresh dairy produce and grass-fed beef at our farmer’s market. We carry country ham, bacon, sausage, grass-fed beef, and dairy products including milk and cheese. Most of the meat is sourced from owners who practice rational grazing for more efficient utilization of the forage. The ham is sourced from pigs that get a custom mix of locally grown soybean meal and corn, and plenty of garden refuse.

Locally Produced Jams & Jellies

Our farmer’s market also offers handcrafted jams and jellies using local fruits from family farms. Only pesticide-free fruits are used for preparing these products. Natural ingredients and the best seasonal produce are used. All the fruits are processed and prepared by hand. The fruit is usually picked the same day. These jams and jellies are sourced from farmers who prepare them in small batches, using traditional methods, thus retaining their original taste and nutrient richness.

Dried Beans

Dried beans have been recognized to be nutritionally essential for all forms of diet, as they are packed with just the right amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Our farmer’s market also carries sun-dried beans. Fresh beans are sun-dried until the pod cracks and pops open, leaving the beans at the bottom of the pile.

We also carry local raw honey, sourced from local apiaries. The honey is unfiltered, unprocessed, additive-free, and nothing is removed from it. You can also find organic fruits and vegetables, and Amish butter and Elderberry syrup in our market.

Our Seasonal Farmer’s Market Offerings

Fall – Pumpkins and Mums

Starting from September and going up to Halloween, our market features a vast selection of mums, pansies, pumpkins, and fall decorations. The season kicks on from the first week of September. Stop in for all the pumpkins, mums, and fall decorations, and Lakeside will decorate your home.

Winter – Christmas Season

Starting from the last week of November lasting through Christmas Eve, we at Lakeside are fully packed for the Christmas season. You can find everything from garland, Christmas trees, wreaths, and gift baskets. Our team will be eager to help you meet all your Christmas needs.

For more information about the local produce available at our farmer’s market, it is recommended to contact us. Give us a call at 828-478-1321 to discuss your needs.

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