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Sands and Gravels

We at Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC, will supply different types of sands and gravels to Sherrill’s Ford, NC, and the surrounding regions. If you are looking for a trusted source for all your outdoor landscaping materials, you have come to the right place. From finer sand to coarser sand, and from pea-sized gravel to cobbles, we can meet your specific demands.

Sands & Gravels, Sherrill’s Ford, NC


Sand is required for a wide range of landscaping requirements. We supply different types of sands for different applications, including the following:

  • Landscape Edging: Sand helps protect your flower bed edges from eroding. The beds will also look well-defined and cleaner. The right sand, when mixed with garden soil, improves drainage.
  • Hardscape Features: Coarse fill sand is excellent for using under pavers. It can also be used in making hardscape features.
  • Play Area:Play sand creates a safe base as flooring under play equipment and play boxes. The smooth playing surface can be edged with small pavers or wood. Adding a layer of gravel under the sand can also help add durability. Play sand is silica-free, which makes it safe for kids.

There are many more applications of sands in landscaping. Both sand and gravel are excellent bases for garden installations such as rock gardens and fountains. They also provide greater aesthetic uniformity with garden seating than other bases.

Add Beautiful Accents

Sand and gravel are also capable of adding a certain degree of creative flair. Walkways, flower beds, and ornamental rocks can be lined with them. They are also easier and cost-effective to use, as they don’t require much in terms of maintenance.

Both the materials also work well if you want to create a lawn-free garden. For example, a combination of pea gravel and natural can provide an informal touch to your lawn even without grass. This can also help lower the cost of lawn upkeep.

Types of Sand

There are different types of sands and they serve different purposes:

  • Utility Sand: It has a slightly coarse structure and is a combination of particles in different colors. Also called fill sand, it is used under paving stones and for filling holes.
  • Beach Sand: This sand is commonly used on playgrounds and sandboxes and is called play sand. It is like the sand found on the beach and has a fine texture. It is free of silica and is considered safe for everyone.
  • Masonry Sand:Also called white sand, masonry sand is also available in white-gray, tan, and beige. It has a fine grain and is mostly used in making concrete or mortar.
  • Red Mortar Sand


Gravel can add texture, color, and functionality to your landscape. We also supply different types of gravel for different outdoor hardscape purposes.

Pea Gravel

Highly versatile, these gravels are used for filling spaces between pavers and for covering driveways. They are also excellent weed barriers. Pea gravels are almost the size of a pea, ranging from 1/4” to 1/8”. The colors can include grey, tan, white, brown, and pink.

Decomposed Granite

These gravels can provide a rustic and soft look to your landscape due to their reddish tan. They are more suited for use around garden trails and trees.

Crushed Granite Gravel

Made up of large particles, these gravels offer a natural look. They can be used over pathways or around garden plants.

River Rock

These gravels are larger than pea gravels and have a smoother texture. Available in a broad range of colors, river rock gravels allow you to create anything from dry creek beds to beautiful garden borders. They are also good at giving directions to water drainage.

You can also order marble chips and many other types of gravels.

For more information about the types of sands and gravels we can provide, we suggest getting in touch with us. Chat with us today at 828-478-1321.

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