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At Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC, we always dream of becoming a one-stop shop for homeowners in Sherrill’s Ford and surrounding areas. This is the reason why we continue to expand our product offerings and introduce new products to our clients. We make it easier for our customers to find their needed supplies for their landscaping projects and other necessities at home. Today, we are now selling quality firewood for your heating needs. Quality is especially important to us, so we only pick the best hardwood variety from our trusted sources. Contact us today or visit our store to inquire about our new product.

Selling Best Quality Firewood

Firewood, Sherrill’s Ford, NC There are different types of hardwood that can be used for heating and cooking but some of these varieties have low BTUs. It is important to choose a hardwood that produces hot and long-lasting fires. Avoid varieties with lower BTUs since they may cause toxic smoke or chimney build-up. At Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC, we look at the burning qualities of the firewood we sell to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. The firewood's heat output, smell, or fragrance, coaling quality, and the amount of smoke that it generates are just some of the factors we consider. The top firewood in our list are Black Locust, Hickory, Oak, Beech, Ash, and Mulberry. These hardwoods have excellent burning qualities, so they are highly recommended for use on heating and cooking. Black cherry, maple, and black walnut are also excellent wood varieties. Our inventory includes some of these hardwood varieties so please call us for stock availability.

The firewood's burning quality also depends on how it was processed. Most suppliers in the state offer the traditional seasoned wood but there are also several suppliers of heat-treated wood. Kiln-dried wood has less than 15 percent moisture content so it will burn well and produce more heat. Buy this type of wood if you are concerned about indoor-air quality. The kiln drying process removes molds and fungi, eliminates insects, and bugs, and makes the firewood catch fire quicker. However, this option is more expensive than the seasoned firewood. Our recommendation is for you to buy seasoned wood before the cold season. Choose only those that were air dried for at least 6 months. Properly seasoned wood will also burn well and much cheaper than kiln dried.

Our Firewood Prices and Delivery Options

Our firewood is best for your wood-burning stove, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, BBQ’s, brick ovens, and fire pits. These are cut into standard sizes and available in cords, bundles, or baskets. We will be glad if you will tell us the intended use of your firewood so we can recommend the right hardwood variety. Our pricing varies depending on the quantity of your orders. But even if you buy in small quantity, you will still enjoy our low pricing scheme. We can also supply large quantities of wood to residential and commercial customers.

Meanwhile, getting your firewood will not be a problem since we can deliver it to your location on the same day. We can be your savior when you failed to restock your firewood on time. We also help you choose the right hardwood and deliver it fast to your home or commercial property.

To place your firewood orders, please call us at 828-478-1321.

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