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Hardscape Materials in Mooresville, NC

Hardscape Materials, Mooresville, NC There are several ways on how to turn your backyard into a more functional area. The most popular is creating additional outdoor living spaces such as patios, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and pool decks. Meanwhile, installing retaining walls and creating new pathways will make your backyard safer and more accessible. These are highly recommended amenities since they also improve the aesthetic appeal of the entire property. While these are great additions to your property, the features must be well-designed and built using only quality materials. The construction of some of these amenities require technical expertise so hiring a professional contractor is necessary.

Professionals will ensure that these new hardscapes are built according to your preferences and industry-approved standards. If you are a DIY property owner, your next problem would be sourcing the required hardscape materials. You have to make sure that you are using quality materials from trusted sources. If you're from Mooresville, NC, we can provide all your hardscaping needs. Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC is among the most trusted hardscape material suppliers in North Carolina. We sell top-quality hardscaping materials and other kinds of landscaping supplies at reasonable prices. Call 828-478-1321 to know more about our product offerings or visit our store to personally choose your hardscaping supplies.

Top Quality Hardscape Materials Guaranteed

Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC is not the only hardscape supplier in Mooresville, NC. However, a lot of property owners, landscape architects, and professional hardscapes still choose us because of the quality products that we offer. We only sell top-quality products which are all sourced from trusted manufacturers in the state. Our aggregates, for example, are properly graded according to size, color, dimension, and texture. All-natural stones in our inventory are properly classified and quality-checked by our staff. This process allows us to cater the distinct requirements of our customers. We have aggregates for masonry construction as well as stones for walls, paving, and decorative purposes.

Most of our customers from Mooresville, NC buy these materials for their landscaping and hardscape installation projects:

  • Aggregates
  • River rocks
  • Pea-sized gravel
  • Bark mulches
  • Flagstones
  • Slate
  • Bluestones
  • Sandstones
  • Concrete pavers
  • Retaining wall blocks
  • Decorative stones

One-stop Shop for Hardscape Materials in Mooresville, NC

You can have a worry-free hardscaping project if you'll get the materials from a trusted shop in Mooresville, NC. If possible, buy only from a one-stop shop like us at Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC. We have everything you need to complete your project—from pea-sized gravel and aggregates to large-sized natural stones. It is easy for us to supply large projects in residential and commercial properties because of our huge inventory of these materials.

Our hardscape materials are perfect for these kinds of landscape features and outdoor amenities:

  • stone and paver patios
  • block retaining walls
  • pool decks
  • planters and curbing
  • walkways and pathways
  • fire pits and fire features

Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC is also popular among Mooresville, NC residents because of our "Same Day Delivery" service. Your orders will be delivered on the same day so you can immediately start with your hardscaping project. Our personnel can even help in the proper placement of your materials in the project site. At Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC, you'll not only get top-quality materials but also excellent customer service. Call us now for your orders.

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