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Pavers in Huntersville, NC

Pavers, Huntersville, NC Your outdoor amenities must be well-planned and built using the best materials available. You must consider the aesthetic benefits as well as the maintenance requirements of your chosen materials. Here at Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC, we will help you choose the perfect materials for your outdoor improvement project. We have top-quality products for hardscapes, landscape features, and paved structures, which are all are sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers in the region. The most popular in our inventory are pavers. These are highly recommended for patios, driveways, pathways, hardscape features and other types of outdoor amenities. Pavers are available in a wide range of designs so creating a personalized look for your outdoor feature will be an easy feat. This paving material is proven durable and will last a lifetime when installed by certified professionals. Build your dream paver features today by calling us at 828-478-1321.

Choosing the Best Pavers for Your Project

A beautifully designed paved amenity will not only add aesthetic appeal but also functionality to the outdoor area. You can build this kind of amenity if you get the best pavers for your project. An important factor that you must consider is the durability of the paving material. Choose a paver type that can withstand extreme weather conditions, freeze-thaw cycles, and harmful contaminants. If you are working on walkways and driveways, make sure that it is rated for these kinds of amenities. You can avoid frequent repairs and paver replacement if you install the right kind of pavers.

We highly recommend pavers for customers who prefer low-maintenance outdoor amenities. Concrete pavers, for example, are easy to clean and would only require twice a year pressure washing. When properly sealed, the paver surface is well-protected from stains, dirt, and other forms of contaminants. The pavers that we offer here at Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC are extremely durable. In fact, they can last for decades even when used on areas with heavy vehicle-and-foot traffic such as driveways, courtyards, hallways, and pathways. You can find a lot of old paver amenities around Huntersville, NC, that are still in their prime conditions. Moreover, the repair cost of your paved amenities will be minimal since you only need to replace broken paver units. And getting the same paver design is also easy since we maintain a complete inventory of all paver products that we offer.

Various Paver Applications

If you want a versatile masonry material, choose our paver brand. It can be used in various outdoor applications - from landscape renovation to outdoor living installation. Our past clients use them to build various paver amenities in homes and commercial properties. Contractors also prefer concrete paving because of the wide range of available designs, textures, colors, and sizes. Pavers are popular alternatives to concrete slab, asphalt, gravel, and flagstones.

Our pavers are great for these kinds of outdoor features and amenities:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways and sidewalks
  • Pool decks
  • Fire features
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Hallways
  • View decks
  • And many more….

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