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Carports & Buildings

At Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC., we supply and install versatile and durable carports and structures throughout Sherrill’s Ford, NC. Besides our popular steel carports, our other metal buildings are also in great demand. Find out what services we offer and the types of structures we can build.

Carports & Structures

Carports & Buildings, Sherrill’s Ford, NC Carports are metal structures that provide overhead protection for your vehicles. They are different from a garage in that they don’t create an enclosed space. A carport is a cost-effective way of protecting your car, truck, or even your RV from the elements. We offer them in a wide range of shapes and sizes based on your needs and the available outdoor space. We can build different types of carports and buildings including:

  • Clear Span
  • Garages
  • Barns
  • RV Covers

Benefits of Carports

The key benefits of installing carports on your property are as follows:

  • Protection from the Elements
    A carport protects your vehicles from the rain, sun, snow, hail, and ice. You can also use it to protect your truck, SUV, tractor, RV, and boat. It prevents the formation of frost on your vehicle.
  • Mobility
    A carport can be moved to any location on your property. This is an excellent form of flexibility. You can move it without the need for dismantling.
  • No Property Taxes
    A carport usually doesn’t fall under the category of a permanent structure. This allows it to be exempted from being considered as taxable property. It doesn’t require any foundation. It is recommended to check whether a building permit is required from the local authorities.
  • Capable of Handling Bad Weather
    We can design and install sturdy carports that can withstand bad weather. Depending on the design, they can withstand wind speeds of 100 mph and snow loads of up to 35 psf.


Carports are also versatile in terms of how they can be used. They can be designed to be a cover for patios and decks or used as an outdoor workshop. There are many more applications of such a structure:

  • Picnic Area: Carports can be designed to provide cover for your picnic area. They can be installed in your backyard or office park, protecting people when they enjoy a break.
  • Outdoor Meeting Space: Carports can be installed outdoors to create a meeting space if you have a smaller indoor space in your office. The space can be used as a break area for employees when it is not being used for meetings.
  • Keeping Playground Equipment: Metal carports can be installed to provide cover to a playground or equipment. Park playgrounds and school playgrounds are often too hot and sunny to be used during certain times of the day.

Carports and similar buildings can also be used to create public pick-up areas. You can also use them to store maintenance vehicles.

If you want to erect high-quality carports and buildings on your property, it is recommended to contact Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC. for more information. Discuss your requirements today with us by giving us a call at 828-478-1321. Our carports experts will be pleased to answer your queries and guide you in making the right choices.

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