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Mulch provides a cost-effective and easy way to upgrade your landscape. It can make your outdoors more attractive while improving the quality and health of the soil and plants. Available in different colors and types, you can be creative with your outdoor décor.

We a Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC. provide mulch delivery and installation services across Sherril’s Ford, NC, and the nearby areas. We will deliver the mulch you require and install it anywhere on your yard’s landscaping beds.

Mulches, Sherrill’s Ford, NC

What is Mulching?

Mulching is a proven method of weed control. It is one of the most effective ways of protecting the beauty and health of a landscape. The process involves placing a layer of mulch over the flower bed soil, around the plants, and over a line of shrubs.

It is mostly used for placement over the top of the soil around the plants. Besides preventing the growth of weeds, it also reduces soil compaction in the rainy season. Mulching also improves the soil’s nutrition and helps maintain the soil temperature. Another benefit is water conservation as mulch can retain moisture, thus providing more water to the plants’ roots.

Mulch Options

We supply different types of mulches, including the following:

  • Wood shavings/double hammered/double ground hardwood
  • Natural playground, certified mulch
  • Bark chips
  • Pine Nuggets
  • Premium color enhanced mulch
  • Stones
  • Pure brick chips: it comes in a beautiful red-brick color, which adds interest and variety to your existing landscape. Brick chips tend to be more of a permanent landscaping solution than organic mulch, which decomposes over time. Brick chip can be used on walkways, between stepping stones, in flower beds, along driveways or patios and in numerous other areas around your home. Many homeowners choose brick chips because they will not wash away with rain.
  • Cypress mulch can be ordered

Mulching also helps in preventing soil erosion. If you want to increase the number and types of nutrients in the soil, you should choose the right type of mulches. You will also benefit by maintaining an attractive and even appearance of your landscape

Mulch Calculator

Premium Color Enhanced Mulch - The Better Choice

Our premium colored 100% recycled wood mulch comes in a variety of vibrant colors and has a consistent texture that makes for an appealing landscaped finish.

Primary features….

Fine, consistent texture, No nails, dirt, or weeds. Safe, Non-arsenic, PH neutral, Non-acidic, Decay & fade resistant.

  • Is color enhanced mulch safe for plants & animals?
    Yes, the raw materials used to color this 100% recycled wood mulch are made from naturally occurring colors found on the earth’s surface. These colorants are formulated to be nontoxic to plants as well as animals, additionally, our mulch is non-acidic, PH neutral product that will not increase the acidity of your soil.

  • How much mulch should be applied & reapplied?
    You should apply mulch at a depth of 2”-4” using led for heavy, clay soils, and more for lighter, sandy soil. Raking any type of mulch at 6-month intervals will rejuvenate your beds thus allowing additional aeration to plant roots. Because our color enhanced mulch is decay and fade resistant, you need only to top dress your beds with 1”-2” of new mulch yearly to maintain a manicured appearance. Due to inherent fading and graying associated with ordinary mulch, landscapers and homeowners routinely have to re-mulch which is very cost-prohibitive. Out color enhanced, 100% recycled wood mulch has a vivid color that retains its hue and fresh appearance year-round.

  • How long does this premium colored mulch maintain its vibrant color?
    Applied colorant penetrates deeply to 100% recycled wood. Therefore, our color enhanced mulch will typically maintain its color for over a year as compared with other mulches which turn gray or white within a short time. Once the color dries on the 100% recycled wood, the color becomes permanent.

  • Do termites interact with mulch?
    Termites are subject to interact with any type of cellulose wood fiber. However, mulch tends to be an undesirable source of food for termites because of its small particles. Termites prefer larger masses of undyed wood. Additionally, because our mulch contains no dirt or weeds, it deters other bugs.

  • What additional advantages does this 100% recycled wood offer?
    Recycling wood is an environmentally smart practice that has proven consumer appeal and acceptance. To manage our wood waste, the wood is ground and converted into the premium color enhanced mulch now being demanded by uncompromising landscapers and homeowners. Customer satisfaction has been overwhelming!

Need for Mulch

Not every yard is going to have mulch. Many don’t even have flower beds. When it comes to creating properly maintained yards, mulch is a quite popular feature. If you have a garden, lawn, or flowers, you must use mulch. This organic material is spread over the soil surface in a layer. It supports the plants to grow better by aiding the soil to retain moisture and replenishing it with various nutrients. Greater moisture retention also provides the plants with a steady supply of water.

As mulch regulates the soil temperature, plants’ roots will thrive in a more resilient environment. Mulch suppresses the growth of weed by blocking sunlight from reaching the soil. Thus, weeds will not get the energy required to grow. All this allows your landscape to grow and thrive without any limitations. Plants and flowers will have lesser competition for nutrients. Mulch is beneficial even for landscapes without plants and flowers. Layering the lawn edges can help prevent the weeds from growing and spreading.

Quantity of Mulch

If you have been doing your own mulch work, you must measure or estimate the square footage of the mulch beds and we can help you determine how much material you require. Usually you multiply the width x length and divide by 27. That will give you the cubic yards needed.

The mulching experts at Lakeside Mulch and Stone, LLC. can help ensure that you will be using the right mulch and in the right quantity for your landscape. For more information about the types of mulch and the range of services offered, it is recommended to contact us today. You can readily call us at 828-478-1321 for more detailed information.

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